2 IPL franchises, Bollywood celebrities investing in Ultimate Kho Kho: CEO Tenzing Niyogi

The Ultimate Kho Kho League will involve some high-profile names
The Ultimate Kho Kho League will involve some high-profile names

Ultimate Kho Kho League CEO Tenzing Niyogi has revealed that the tournament's inaugural season will feature some big names as team owners. These include two IPL franchise owners, a Bollywood celebrity, a Punjabi singer, and a TV news network.

The Ultimate Kho Kho League aims to revive the indigenous sport of Kho Kho in India. Last year, Kho Kho Federation of India Secretary M.S. Tyagi shed light on the board's plans for the league.

In an exclusive live chat with Taruka Srivastava on Sportskeeda's Facebook Page, Ultimate Kho Kho League CEO Tenzing Niyogi spoke at length about the new competition.

"We have got 2 IPL franchise owners who are investing in Kho Kho. There's one Bollywood gentleman who'll be investing in this. There's this Punjabi pop star who might be buying a team. These are four out of the six teams. The remaining two teams might be going to a big TV News network and a couple of other guys. So, some exciting conversations are going on at this point of time," Tenzing Niyogi said.

Niyogi believes that the team owners' combination would be 'fabulous' and 'something the fans would have never seen before.'

Tenzing Niyogi talks about the government's role in growing Kho Kho as a sport

Kabaddi became one of the most popular sports in India after the launch of the Pro Kabaddi League. Niyogi believes that Kho Kho can also follow suit.

Speaking about the government's support, Niyogi lauded the government for assisting them in taking Kho Kho to newer heights.

"Everybody relates to this sport. As soon as you say Kho Kho or Kabaddi, you have a nostalgic trip and come back. I think the government recognizes it very, very well. They have supported us in being a representative sport in Asian Games in 2022. The government is doing their bit in the national championships. They are giving all sorts of support."

Niyogi concluded by saying that the federation also played its part to perfection in taking Kho Kho from mud to mat.

Edited by Atharva Papnoi
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