Ruby Trichy Warriors 151/5 (20 ov)
Nellai Royal Kings 77/10 (13.4 ov)
Ruby Trichy Warriors won by 74 runs.
Player of the match: Amith Sathvik VP
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Well, so after two consecutive days of rain playing a spoilsport, we have finally managed to get a result. Ruby Trichy Warriors steamroll past Nellai Royal Kings, handing them a 74 run defeat. 

The Royal Kings lost way too many wickets in the PowerPlay, making it very difficult for them to come back from there (especially in a run chase). The warriors were all over them, picking up 5 wickets in the first 5 overs. The chase looked over before it even started. Sunil Sam and Saravan Kumar were ruthless with the new ball as the entire top order went packing after registering single-digit scores. 

Baba Indrajith(32) and Sanjay Yadav(28) showed some resilience and regrouped the innings after the collapse. They formed a 63 run partnership and helped the team make a strong recovery from 12/5. They targetted veteran Antony Dhas who was very expensive today. Akash Sumra did trouble them a bit but failed to pick up any wickets. 

It had to be a run out to break the partnership with Sanjay Yadav finding himself in the danger end amidst a miscommunication. The rest of the batting lineup capitulated from there as the last five wickets fell for mere 2 runs. M Mathivanan got the final three wickets in just four deliveries to bowl The Royal Kings out for 77. 
13.4 M Mathivanan to Athisayaraj Davidson, LBW GIVEN! A full ball bowled on middle and off, Davidson is trapped in front of the stumps as the umpire raises the finger. The Warriors have thumped the Royal Kings!
Athisayaraj Davidson, right-hand bat, joins the crease.
13.3 M Mathivanan to Ajith Kumar T, LBW! A length ball bowled, Ajith looks to defend it to the bowler but is beaten for pace and is struck pretty adjacent to the stumps!
13.2 M Mathivanan to Ajith Kumar T, a full ball bowled on the off-stump, Kumar defends it to the off-side for no runs
Ajith Kumar, right-hand bat, joins the crease.
13.1 M Mathivanan to Baba Indrajith, WICKET! A length ball bowled into middle and leg, Indrajith looks to play it into the off-side but takes it on the pad, the umpire has no hesitation in giving that one out!
Mathivanam M joins the attack.
Just when The Royal Kings were getting back into the game, the run-out of Sanjay Yadav pushed them back. To make things worse, a wicket very next ball made the target look unacheivable.
77 /7 score
cricket bat icon Baba Indrajith *
32 (30)
cricket bat icon Sharun Kumar
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Rahil Shah
1 /16
12.6 Rahil Shah to Baba Indrajith, a full ball bowled outside off, Indrajith plays it to the long-off region for a single
12.5 Rahil Shah to Baba Indrajith, a length ball bowled just outside off, Indrajith miscues it to the off-side for no runs
12.4 Rahil Shah to Sharun Kumar S, a length ball bowled outside off, Sharun punches it to the off-side for a single
Sharun Kumar, right-hand bat, joins the crease.
12.3 Rahil Shah to Arjun Murthy, BOWLED! A full ball bowled into the stumps, Murthy looks to heave it away but is cleaned by the wily Rahil Shah!
Arjun Murthy, right-hand bat, joins the crease.
12.2 Rahil Shah to Sanjay Yadav, a length ball bowled on middle and leg, Yadav fails to get the sweep but tries to sneak a run. However, the fielder is alert to catch him out of his crease! Big wicket! RUN-OUT!
12.1 Rahil Shah to Sanjay Yadav, FOUR! A full ball bowled on middle and leg, Yadav gets down the track and whacks it down the ground for a boundary!
The batsmen continue to attack Antony Dhas! Smart batting by the duo, waiting for the bad balls to attack and not taking many risks. The chase is very much on now!
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