India 225/10 (43.1 ov)
Sri Lanka 227/7 (39 ov)
Sri Lanka won by 3 wickets (D/L method)
Player of the match: Avishka Fernando
Sri Lanka won by 3 wickets (DLS)

Sri Lanka finally pick up a much needed win and this will give them some confidence going forward. Yes it wasn't the most convincing of victories, but they managed to hold their nerve towards the end and they got across the line. Undoubtedly, they've got some issues to address. Their middle order is a definite point of concern, they just haven't shown enough resistance and that's something they'll look to improve upon. 

As for India, they'll not be too bothered by this loss. They'll actually be glad that they were able to give 5 players their first ever opportunity in ODI cricket. The series is theirs despite this loss and they'll head into the upcoming T20 series with massive confidence. 

That's all we've got for you today then! This is Anurag Hegde and Shashwat Kumar signing off for the evening. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the updates from the world of sport and particularly, the all important Olympic Games. Until next time, goodbye!  
Shikhar Dhawan (Captain, India): Things didn't go our way after the rain delay. We tried some new things in this game. We had a good start but we lost too many wickets in the middle and we were probably 50 runs short. I'm glad that they made their debuts. Everyone has been in quarantine for such a long time but they got an opportunity today. Always analyze where I can improve with my batting, looking forward to the T20 series. We were positive about defending the target but we knew that we were around 50 runs short but the boys gave it a good fight. We learn from our mistakes and we'll just keep getting better. 
Suryakumar Yadav (Player of the Series): I think I've been doing the same thing from the last 2-3 years. Trying to keep things very simple and it's worked for me. Atmosphere in the camp is very positive and we're looking forward to the T20 series. 
Dasun Shanaka (Captain, Sri Lanka): First of all congratulations to India for winning the series. Was a good series, we played good cricket and set the tone for how we can play better in the future. Bowlers showed a lot of character and maturity, that's what I expect the youngsters to do. It happens when you play under pressure, guys are not very matured and are still learning how to play under pressure. It's a big win for our fans, they were waiting for many years for this win. First time we've won against India in home conditions in a very long time. Would like to thank all the support staff and my players. Enjoyed captaincy on the ground but not off the ground. 
Avishka Fernando (Player of the Match): If I had done well in the second game, we could have won that match and the series. Very happy to win the Man of the Match award in this game. I worked on my batting after the England tour and made some technical changes. We have a very young side, going forward I believe we will do very well. 
Much improved performance all round from Sri Lanka today. They got better as the series went on and today they got the result to go their way as well. In so many ways, this was a win that they badly needed. It not only gave their fans something to cheer about but it also helped give the team some much needed self-confidence and self-belief. Although they were already bested in the 3 match series, this win gives them 10 important points on the World Cup Super League and gets them out of the bottom of the table.

India just did not have enough runs on the board. They were going along nicely but post the rain break, the batting just didn't hold up and they lost wickets in clumps. They didn't even manage to bat out the allocated 47 overs as they were bowled out for 225 in the 44th over. 

On the bowling front, India did not get off to the best of starts either. Sri Lanka managed to score 55 for the loss of just one wicket. They continued to score at a decent clip and never let the Indian bowlers build any pressure on them. Rajapaksa and Fernando batted excellently and shared a century stand. While Rajapaksa played his usual attacking game, Fernando assumed the role of an anchor and the duo batted extremely impressively. 

India were uncharacteristically poor in the field as they put down several catches. They eventually managed to hold onto one as Sakariya managed to dismiss Rajapaksa to pick up his maiden ODI wicket. However, they were in an excellent position at 144/2 at that stage and despite losing wickets at regular wickets thereafter, they managed to amble along to victory. 

Rahul Chahar, in particular, bowled extremely well and caused a bit of a scare in the Sri Lankan camp as he managed to pick up the wickets of Shanaka first and then of the set Fernando. However, Sri Lanka managed to hold their nerve and they managed to secure a much needed win. 
227 /7 score
cricket bat icon Ramesh Mendis *
15 (18)
cricket bat icon Akila Dananjaya
5 (2)
cricket ball icon Rahul Chahar
3 /54
38.6 Rahul Chahar to Ramesh Mendis, THAT WILL BE THAT! Full delivery outside off stump and Mendis brings out the broom again. He gets decent enough contact and collects a single to deep square leg. And, he also seals the deal!
38.5 Rahul Chahar to Akila Dananjaya, back of a length delivery on middle and leg stump. Akila has a massive mow at it and the bat goes farther than the ball. The ball eventually lands beyond the bowler as Akila sneaks in a single. Scores level!
38.5 Rahul Chahar to Akila Dananjaya, FOUR! WHAT IS ALL THE FUSS ABOUT! Full delivery on middle and off stump. Akila backs away and crunches that one past mid off for another boundary! Called a No Ball too because there weren't enough fielders in the ring, or so it seems! 
Akila Dananjaya, LHB, is the new batsman
Another little blemish on what still should be a Sri Lankan victory. 
38.4 Rahul Chahar to Chamika Karunaratne, IS THAT A STUMPING? YES, IT IS! Flighted on a full length outside off stump. Karunaratne goes feeling for it from his crease and is beaten comprehensively by the turn and bounce. He also seems to overbalance and Samson reckons that he has whipped off the bails in time! We go upstairs! 

And, indeed he has! Karunaratne's back foot seems to be on the line and that is exactly when the bails are off their groove! Impressive stumping by Samson and Sri Lanka are seven down!
38.3 Rahul Chahar to Chamika Karunaratne, googly on a length outside off stump. Karunaratne lunges forward and blocks the ball down the ground towards the bowler
38.2 Rahul Chahar to Ramesh Mendis, full delivery on middle and off stump. Mendis gets down on one knee and sweeps it towards the man at deep backward square leg for one
38.1 Rahul Chahar to Ramesh Mendis, HUGE APPEAL! Length delivery on off stump that turns a great deal. Mendis is caught on the crease and misses the ball as it pings off the thigh pad towards Dhawan at first slip
Sri Lanka will be looking forward to closing this game out as soon as possible. Will be an extremely important win for them in more than one way. 
219 /6 score
cricket bat icon Ramesh Mendis
13 (15)
cricket bat icon Chamika Karunaratne *
3 (8)
cricket ball icon Chetan Sakariya
2 /34
37.6 Chetan Sakariya to Chamika Karunaratne, back of a length delivery outside off stump. Karunaratne gets onto the back foot and jabs the ball towards the fielder at point
37.5 Chetan Sakariya to Chamika Karunaratne, back of a length delivery outside off stump. Karunaratne gets onto the back foot and meets the ball right under his eyes with soft hands
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