Dabang Delhi K.C. vs U Mumba - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2019
Dabang Delhi K.C.
U Mumba
Match Draw
Naveen Kumar is the best raider of the match and Fazel Atrachali is the best defender of the match
Dabang Delhi K.C. have moved to the top of the points table while U Mumba have secured the third position on the standings!
The match has ended in a draw!
40' SUPER 10! Abhishek Singh completes his Super 10 with a touch on Ravinder Pahal.
MILESTONE ALERT - Naveen Kumar Has Completed 100 Bonus Points Overall
40' Naveen Kumar takes a bonus point
39' Chandran Ranjit gets tackled by the defence! The scores are equal once again!
38' Arjun Deshwal steps in the lobby without a touch!
38' Sandeep Narwal levels the scores with a successful tackle on Meraj Sheykh
37' Vijay sends Fazel Atrachali to the bench but Arjun Deshwal revives him with a touch on Chandran Ranjit
36' Arjun Deshwal gets a bonus point
36' ALL OUT! Dabang Delhi K.C. have suffered the 2nd all out of this match! Fazel Atrachali completes his HIGH 5!
36' Abhishek Singh gets a touch on Anil Kumar! Delhi on the verge of an all out
35' Chandran Ranjit gets a bonus point
35' Abhishek Singh reduces Delhi to two men with a touch on Vijay
34' Fazel Atrachali strikes! He tackles down Naveen Kumar. U Mumba are coming back into this contest
33' This time, Arjun gets the better of Vishal Mane!
31' Arjun Deshwal eliminates Ravinder Pahal from the defence with an easy touch
31' Fazel Atrachali slays Meraj Sheykh once again!
31' Vijay easily tackles Abhishek Singh! What a tackle from the former Patna Pirates star
30' Arjun Deshwal revives Surinder Singh with a touch on Vishal Mane
29' Vishal Mane uses his strength to dash Ajinkya Kapre out of the mat
28' Naveen Kumar gets a touch on Surinder Singh!
SUBSTITUTION - Anil Kumar in, Neeraj Narwal out
27' ALL OUT! Fazel Atrachali inflicts the all out on Dabang Delhi K.C. by tackling down Neeraj Narwal 
SUBSTITUTION - Neeraj Narwal in, Anil Kumar out
27' Abhishek Singh sends Vishal Mane to the bench, Dabang Delhi K.C. down to one man!
26' Sandeep Narwal slays Vijay with a beastly back hold!
25' Abhishek Singh gets a touch on Ravinder Pahal! Magnificent stuff from the U Mumba raider
24' Vijay gets a bonus point
23' Chandran Ranjit fails to tackle Abhishek Singh! All the three raiders of Dabang Delhi K.C. are OUT now
22' Sandeep Narwal and co. hunt down Meraj Sheykh to unite him with Naveen Kumar on the bench
21' Abhishek Singh sends the danger man, Naveen Kumar out with an easy touch on him
MILESTONE ALERT - Naveen Kumar Has Completed 20 Super 10s This Season
SUBSTITUTION - Ajinkya Kapre in, Rohit Baliyan out
21' ALL OUT! Naveen Kumar completes the formalities with a touch on last man standing Arjun Deshwal
1. Naveen Kumar - 9 Pts
2. Arjun Deshwal - 4 Pts
3. Anil Kumar - 3 Pts
20' Naveen sends Anil out to end the 1st half with 9 raid points!
20' Anil saves the all out for his team, gets a touch on Anil Kumar of Dabang Delhi!
20' Fazel Atrachali steps out of the end-line without a touch! 1 technical point to Dabang Delhi K.C.
19' Naveen Kumar leaves U Mumba reeling with a touch on Sandeep Narwal!
18' Anil Kumar sends Abhishek Singh back to the bench as U Mumba are reduced to 3 men!
17' Vishal Mane executes a fantastic block to get the better of Rohit Baliyan
16' Naveen Kumar picks his 7th raid point of the match, Surinder Singh is his victim!
16' Arjun Deshwal gets a bonus but then he steps in the lobby without a touch, Vishal Mane follows him as well!
MILESTONE ALERT - Rohit Baliyan Has Completed 50 Raid Points This Season
15' Naveen Kumar nears his Super 10 with a touch on Sandeep Narwal!
15' Rohit Baliyan gets a touch on Ravinder Pahal!
U Mumba take a review and the decision has been reversed! Delhi get a bonus, U Mumba get one tackle point
14' SUPER RAID! Vijay gets a bonus and then touches two defenders on his way to the mid line!
14' Arjun Deshwal gets a bonus point
13' Meraj Sheykh wins the battle of Iranians, sends Fazel Atrachali out
12' Arjun Deshwal gets a touch on Vijay. Dabang Delhi K.C. is missing the services of Joginder Narwal tonight!
11' Chandran Ranjit sends Rohit Baliyan out with a touch once again!
10' ALL OUT! Abhishek Singh gets a bonus but fails to get a touch point as Ravinder Pahal tackles him down!
9' Abhishek Singh is the last man standing as Naveen Kumar gets a touch on Surinder Singh
9' Abhishek Singh gets a bonus point
8' Naveen Kumar reduces U Mumba to two men with a touch on Sandeep Narwal
8' Ravinder Pahal floors Rohit Baliyan with a picture perfect ankle hold
7' Vishal Mane scores his first tackle point! Arjun fails in his raid
6' Naveen Kumar avenges the previous tackle by getting a touch on Fazel Atrachali
MILESTONE ALERT - Naveen Kumar Has Completed 200 Touch Points This Season
5' Naveen Kumar executes a two-pointer raid! He gets a bonus and then a touch on Anil
4' Abhishek Singh opens his account with a touch on Ravinder Pahal
4' Now, Surinder Singh gets the better of Meraj Sheykh! Scores level once again
3' Meraj Sheykh gets a touch on Anil!
2' Fazel Atrachali wins the first round of War of Stars! He slays Naveen Kumar!
2' Arjun Deshwal picks a bonus point
1' Chandran Ranjit gets off the mark with a touch on Rohit Baliyan
1' Abhishek Singh gets tackled by Anil Kumar in the first raid of the match!
Chandran Ranjit, Naveen Kumar, Vishal Mane, Ravinder Pahal, Anil Kumar, Meraj Sheykh, Vijay
U MUMBA - Fazel Atrachali, Abhishek Singh, Arjun Deshwal, Rohit Baliyan, Anil, Surender Singh, Sandeep Narwal
The match will start at 7-30 PM IST
Since both the sides have qualified for the next round, expect them to field second-string playing sevens for the upcoming clash.
In the first match of the night, Dabang Delhi K.C. will try to gain the top position on the points table by defeating U Mumba, who will look to leapfrog the 3rd-placed Haryana Steelers with a victory tonight.
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the final day of Pro Kabaddi League 2019's Greater Noida leg. The league stage of the seventh edition of PKL will end tonight as we will come to know of the line-up of the playoffs by the night's end.
Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex, Greater Noida
Match Start Time
Fri, 11/Oct/2019 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs U Mumba
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2019
Pro Kabaddi 2019
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