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Pro Kabaddi 2019
U Mumba
Haryana Steelers
U MUMBA won the match
Till then, this is Vijay Sain signing off. Good night :)
Do join us tomorrow for the final day of league-stages in Pro Kabaddi 2019 as Dabang Delhi K.C. lock horns against U Mumba while UP Yoddha look to end their home leg on a high note against Bengaluru Bulls. 
U Mumba with a win climb to the 4th position in the points table tonight.
A healthy win for U Mumba considering they played a new offensive line-up tonight. Their corner defense yet again remained dominant with Fazel Atrachali's 8 tackle points and Sandeep Narwal's 5 tackle points. Ajinkya Kapare capitalized on his opportunity tonight with 9 raid points to his name who could play a vital role for U Mumba ahead of the playoffs.

Vinay's 11 raid points went in vain tonight as Vikash Khandola remained silent in the first half. The defense had a good run but still they threw many advance tackles to Mumba's raiders which could be problematic in the days to come. 
40' Naveen with an empty raid as U Mumba win against Haryana Steelers!
REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL: The jersey pull actually aided the tackle.
HARYANA STEELERS REVIEW: They think there wasn't any jersey pulling.
40' DO OR DIE RAID: Navneet uses his entire time but the tackle gets attempted by Vikram Kandola. Point still goes to U Mumba as there was a jersey pull.
40' Point granted to U Mumba.
U MUMBA REVIEW: They think there was no touch on Surinder.
40' Vinay uses the lobby with a touch on Surinder.
39' Point goes to Young Chang as Vikash Khandola is OUT! Ajinkya with a finest grapple as he twists his entire body for a tackle!
38' Vikash Khandola runs into the lobby with a clean hand touch on Fazel Atrachali.
38' DO OR DIE RAID: Dong Geon Lee almost runs out of time but takes out Sunil who attempts an ankle hold but fails. Bonus point included.
37' DO OR DIE RAID: Vikash Khandola takes a raid point as Sandeep Narwal doesn't control and throws a risky dive.
35' Sunil with another tackle as he takes out Navneet with a single thigh hold.
35' Sunil with a chain tackle takes Ajinkya Kapare out.
34' Naveen is OUT as Fazel goes for a single thigh-hold for his 8th tackle point of the night.
33' Kuldeep throws in an ankle hold but Ajinkya Kapare escapes.
33' Vinay escapes with a bonus and takes out Surinder Singh. Surinder's advance tackling continues.
32' Vinay takes out Fazel Atrachali.
32' Navneet takes out Vikash Khandola with a quick hand touch.
31' Navneet's first raid point as he takes out Ravi Kumar. Sandeep Narwal completes his High-5 with a block on Naveen.
30' Vikash Khandola with a touch point on Young Chang.
30' Parveen mis-times the dash as Dong Geon Lee grabs a raid point.
ALL-OUT' U Mumba are back into the match with an all-out. Sandeep Narwal initiates the tackle on Vinay as Fazel blocks him.
28' Ajinkya Kapare pushes the defender with a raid point. What a dream game he's having!
28' DO OR DIE RAID: Vinay saves the raid with a bonus point.
27' Ajinkya Kapare yet again with a 2-pointer. Meanwhile Ravi Kumar twists his ankle. Not good for the Steelers.
26' Ajinkya Kapare's DUBKI as he goes underneath the chain tackle of Sunil and Naveen.
25' Fazel Atrachali goes near to the midline for a breath-taking tackle on Arun Kumar HN.
25' Bonus point for Ajinkya Kapare. 
ALL-OUT. Haryana Steelers inflict the first all-out of the match. Kuldeep Singh scores the tackle point.
23' Ajinkya cannot control as he throws his point to Vikash Khandola.
22' Dong Geon Lee saves the all-out with a kick on Naveen
22' Vikash Khandola avenges his previous raid as Fazel goes for a wrestling grapple but fails.
21' Haryana gifts the bonus point to Dong Geon Lee. 
21' Naveen starts the second half with a 2-pointer. Surinder throws in an advance dash along with Young Chang but he manages to escape.
While the points are equal for both teams, U Mumba look slightly dominant in this match as they have managed to take Vikash Khandola out tonight. Their defense has shown intent as Fazel Atrachali has already scored a High-5 in the first half itself.

Vinay has led the offense of Haryana Steelers with 5 raid points to his name. Ravi Kumar has 4 tackle points till the half time. Action to follow.
19' DO OR DIE RAID: Navneet's search for raid point continues as Ravi Kumar goes for the dive to take him out.
18' Vikash Khandola is OUT again! Fazel takes him with a dash out of the court. Vikash 0 - Fazel 3 tonight! 
18' Naveen with a running hand touch on Sandeep Narwal.
18' DO OR DIE RAID: Ajinkya Kapare tries to escape but the defense pulls him back.Point goes to Ravi Kumar.
17' DO OR DIE RAID:  Vinay walks in but Fazel's quick paced back hold takes him OUT.
15' Sunil's ankle hold takes out Navneet
14' Vikash Khandola is OUT as Fazel Atrachali blocks his path for a tackle.
14' Dong Geon Lee is OUT again as Ravi Kumar gets his 2nd tackle point of the night.
14' Sandeep Narwal's aggressive tackle as he completes 300 tackle points as well!
13' Ajinkya Kapare gets OUT again as Ravi Kumar takes him out with a dive.
12' Vinay tries to escape but gets OUT as the entire defense prowls. Fazel Atrachali shows aggressive intent with his assist.
12' DO OR DIE RAID: Dong Geon Lee takes a raid point as Sunil throws in an advance thigh hold. 
11' Naveen Bazzad escapes with a slight touch on Mohit Baliyan.
10' Vinay takes a bonus and takes out Surinder Singh who attempted a dash. Advance tackle yet again.
9' Vinay takes out Fazel Atrachali. Ajinkya Kapare dashes out Vikash Khandola.
Milestone Alert: Fazel Atrachali becomes the third defender in history to cross 300 tackle points.
8' Ajiinkya Kapare gets a touch point on Kuldeep Singh with a kick.
7' SUPER TACKLE: Mohit Baliyan comes in as substitution. Fazel Atrachali blocks Vikash Khandola for a brilliant tackle.
6' Bonus point for Dong Geon Lee.
6' Vikash Khandola takes out Surinder Singh with a toe touch. 
5' Vinay takes two raid points as Sandeep Narwal gets touched with a mis-timed dash attempt from Young Chang Ko.
4' Ajinkya Kapare is OUT as Sunil blocks his path en route to the midline.
4' Sandeep gets his 2nd tackle point tonight with a ankle hold on Vikash Khandola
2' Navneet gets OUT courtesy of Kuldeep Singh's block.
2' Vinay is OUT as Sandeep Narwal goes for a brilliant chain tackle.
1' Dong Geon Lee starts the first half of the match with a bonus point.
Starting Sevens:

U Mumba: Fazel Atrachali (C), Sandeep Narwal, Surinder Singh, Young Chang Ko, Dong Geon Lee, Ajinkya Kapare & Navneet

Haryana Steelers: Vikash Khandola (C), Naveen Bazzad, Vinay, Kuldeep Singh, Sunil, Ravi Kumar & Parveen
As expected, the teams have made changes to their line-ups with them testing their bench strength.

No Abhishek Singh for U Mumba today. Haryana Steelers have given rest to Prashanth Kumar Rai and Dharmaraj Cheralathan as well.
U Mumba are standing at the 5th spot in the points table with 11 wins thus far. Haryana Steelers, on the other hand, are comfortably placed at the 3rd position with 13 wins. Both of them have made it to the playoffs as they look to gain winning momemtum ahead of the knockouts.
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Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex, Greater Noida
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Thu, 10/Oct/2019 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
U Mumba vs Haryana Steelers
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