Top 5 Minecraft YouTubers to follow for quality content

A zombie racking in YouTube money (Image via
A zombie racking in YouTube money (Image via
Joe Greene

YouTube has no shortage of quality Minecrafters. Some of them make a living off of their amazing builds, while others provide high quality creative content. If a player is in need of some Minecraft inspiration, YouTube should be the first place they look.

Since there are tons of Minecraft YouTubers these days, this is certainly not an exhaustive list. Instead of simply naming the most popular YouTubers, it will attempt to highlight some of the more unique content creators.

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5 best Minecraft YouTubers to subscribe to for quality content

#5 - Grian

Grian's Minecraft avatar likely about to build something amazing (Image via Grian on YouTube)

Although Grian is one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers on the planet, the content he produces cannot be ignored.

Grian is widely known as the best builder in Minecraft, and his YouTube channel is proof of that. Grian's channel is filled with building tutorials and information, which is great for players looking to expand upon their dirt huts.

Any Minecraft player looking to improve their building skills should definitely consider subscribing to Grian.

#4 - Mysticat

One of Mysticat
One of Mysticat's insane parkour maps (Image via Mysticat)

Mysticat is a great example of an amazing Minecraft content creator who deserves more subscribers.

Mysticat is a great redstone builder (amongst other things) and provides quick and simple videos on how to create various redstone contraptions.

Players who are looking to improve their redstone capabilities will benefit from his content.

#3 - Zaypixel

One of Zaypixel
One of Zaypixel's super cozy house builds (Image via planetminecraft)

Zaypixel is the type of Minecraft YouTuber that is great to watch before bed.

She creates amazing builds that are usually small in terms of scale, but packed with detail. Most of her builds include greenery, which is a great skill to learn for building.

Her videos are very relaxing as they usually have calming music that accompanies the satisfying Minecraft sound effects. She usually does not speak in her videos and instead allows her audience to focus on the build.

#2 - TheMythicalSausage

One of TheMythicalSausage
One of TheMythicalSausage's beautiful mountain bases (Image via TheMythicalSausage on YouTube)

TheMythicalSausage provides a balanced assortment of content ranging from awesome builds to fun SMP adventures. He is currently doing a 1.17 SMP playthrough which is full of exhilarating moments and epic builds.

#1 - Itskall85

A fanmade image of Itskall85 (Image via After The Stars)
A fanmade image of Itskall85 (Image via After The Stars)

Itskall85 is a wonderful example of a multi-talented Minecraft content creator.

From being a competent singer to creating action-packed Minecraft videos, Itskall85 does it all. He is currently a part of Hermitcraft 8, which is a server in which some of the most talented players take part.

Like most players on the Hermitcraft server, Itskall85 is an amazing builder and deserves more recognition for his work.

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